Hi! I’m Shpetim, currently working as Senior Product Designer with Givery, Inc. I'm responsible for user experience design of "track"—a learning and testing platform that supports the recruitment and development of engineers. My other responsibilities are leading the design there and deliver outcomes of the highest grade for the eLearning industry.

I'm also a mentor and teach UI/UX Design to upcoming designers through CareerFoundry. There I help designers advance their skills, transition from other industries or just navigate through intricacies of becoming a job-ready designer in a very fast-growing and competitive industry.

My past experiences include working as Product Designer with Egoditor, a product company based in Bielefeld, Germany—where I helped design and build a tool for creating, designing and managing QR Codes. Prior to that, I worked as a Product Designer at—a startup with a fully distributed team focused on building communication tools for emerging digital privacy.

Before Ciphr, I worked at a few product companies, media and agencies. I led the design of a password manager for teams.

Designed a platform for job finding—I was responsible for researching the market, talking to recruiters, employers and employees and creating hypothesis, on what we'd be based for our design decisions forward.

I love tackling complex systems problems in order to design simple digital products. Simplicity is not equal to doing less in my process, but rather making powerful tools easier to understand and master.

I'm constantly motivated by exploring the intersection of Human Computer Interaction, Cognition and Behavior. How people perceive designed objects—physical or digital—and how that influences behavior change.

Beyond work, I enjoy traveling, learning and experiencing other cultures. I'm conscious that everything we do has biases and assumptions that we bring from our past, and experiencing other perspectives pushes me to continually question those biases and assumptions.

Being passionate about many things has helped me immensely. The creative process is mostly output, that is, most of the time we create things from the hypothetical. So having many hobbies is a source of inspiration or input for me.

In addition to traveling I take pleasure on reading a good book, playing volleyball/football or snowboarding. Occasionally, getting lost in some fictional world in a video game is a nice change of pace as well, among others.